TBA - c16000

TBA - C Series

TBA-C series, Toshiba's latest automated clinical chemistry analyzer (TBA ™ -c16000, TBA ™ -C8000, TBA ™ -C4000). Compatibility developed and immune instrument, TBA-C series data of the same accuracy can be obtained by a simple operation.



TBA - c16000

Set and Go : Automatic start of analysis

Optimized Flow : Minimized sample carryover

Reliable Technology : Significantly reduced reaction volume


˙ Minimized sample Carry-over 0.1ppm or less, permit biochmical assays and immunoassays to br run in a continus assay sequence

Sample carryover is reduced to 0.1 ppm or less by the enhanced sample probe wash operation. It is no longer necessary to divide a sample into small portions for use in an immunoassay system.


˙ From Biochmical assays to immunoassays

Biochemical assays and immunoassays have conventionally been performed in seperate dedicated systems. By minimizing the carryover between samples, TBA-c16000 makes it possible to run biochemical assays and immunoassays as part of a continuous assay sequence using a single sample tube. TBA-c16000 thus increase assay throughput to perviously unattainable levels, with more intelligent, efficient, and speedy analysis.


˙ Set and Go - Automatic start of analysis

No rack jams. No result buffer wait time.

Analysis can be started automatically by simply setting a tube containing a sample on the intelligent sampler.


˙ High-preision photometry : Enables measurement using a microvolume

Toshiba'a extensive experience and advenced technologies have been integrated to reduce reaction volume and improve data percision. Photometry is possible for a minimum reaction volume of 80uL for undiluted samples. This feature improves the cost/ performance ratio through reduction of the reagent requirements, and it enables a wide reange of application.


˙ Flex Rate Function: Decrease the retest ratio

For high-concentration samples that require retesting after dilution, the Flex Rate function calculates the concentration based on the absorbance date in the early stages of the read timing and reports the result. This minimizes the retest ratio abd consequently the reporting time and opration cost.


˙ Hard glass reaction cuvettes: Facilitate effective washing

TBA-c16000 employs molded hard-glass reaction cuvettes that can be washed effectively. 


˙ Sample Clot Detection function: Contributes to a short reporting time

The sample clot detection unit monitors the preesure during sample aspiration abd dispensing abd detects any abnormalities in the pressure waveform. If cloggings in the sample probe due to fibrin and other obstacles are detected, an error is output and the sample probe ia washed automatically. Sampling of the next sample is stared when the pressure returns to normal levels.


˙ Compact integrated electrolyte measurement system with excellent maintainability

Toshiba's original integrated multi-ion sensor can simultaneously measure three electrolytes (Na, K, Cl) in serum or urine and is designed for easy maintenance. CV < 1.0 %



TOSHIBA  TBA - c16000  Specification


 Max. No. Assays  206
 Throughput  1600 Test / hr (photometry ),600 Test / hr ( ISE )
 Methods  End - Point, Rate, and ISE
 Sample carryover  0.1 ppm or less
 Sample container   sample tubes, sample cups
 Isothermal condition  Water Bath
 Photometry  Direct photometry of reaction cuvettes, monochromatic or bichromatic measurement
 Data processing function

 Autodilution, Auto-calibration, Autorerun, serum Index 

 Multipoint calibration curve, clibartion expiration date, clibration curve log

 reaction time course (33 points), reagnets/ detergent remaining volumes,  Smart wash

 lamp intensity monitor, Flexrate....... 

 Onlin Interface

 RS - 232C


 2066 ( W ) * 1625 ( D ) * 2017 ( H ) mm


 705 Kg

 Power supply

 AC200V ± 10 % 

 Power consumption

 3 KVA, Maxima