TBA™ - 2000FR

TBA - FR Series

TBA-FR series is inherited Toshiba technology, the pursuit of high reliability further automatic biochemical analyzer equipment. TBA - 120 FR, Accute (TBA - 40 FR), TBA - 25 FR and TBA ™ - 2000 FR, can meet all the needs of large and small laboratory




High precision, simple operation, ecological protection. Experimental analysis of data accuracy, high reliability, stability and security design, TBA ™ - 2000FR in pursuit of new concepts of form and function, and provides a convenient and simple operation.


Reliability- Designed to ensure high data Precision


˙ Sample Carry-over reduce to 0.1 ppm or less

Sample carryover is reduced to 0.1 ppm or less by the enhanced sample probe wash operation. It is no longer necessary to divide a sample into small portions for use in an immunoassay system.


˙ Sample Clot detection function provided as standard

The sample clot detection unit monitors the preesure during sample aspiration abd dispensing abd detects any abnormalities in the pressure waveform. If cloggings in the sample probe due to fibrin and other obstacles are detected, an error is output and the sample probe ia washed automatically. Sampling of the next sample is stared when the pressure returns to normal levels.


˙ Toshiba's original eletrolyte measyrement unit installed as standard

Toshiba's original integrated multi-ion sensor can simultaneously measure three electrolytes (Na, K, Cl) in serum or urine and is designed for easy maintenance. CV < 1.0 %


Simple - Optimized to ensure Simple operation


˙ The rack sampler is on the front of the system to increase mesurement efficiency

The rack on the rack sampler are drawn into the analyzer immediately just before sampling. An urgent sample can be measured with high priority by simply replacing the rack to the right of the drawing position with the rack containing the urgent sample.


˙ STAT position for processing a STAT sample with top priority

A STAT position for urgent sample is provided. Sample barcode reading is possible at this position, and measurement is performed immediately for the sample set at the STAT position, interrrupting sampling of the routine samples in the other rack. The tray open/close sensor at the STAT position allows STAT samples to be safety by preventing interference with the sample arm.


˙ Calibration and control measurement using barcodes

Calibrators and controls can be measured by simply palcing sample cups containing the calibratora or controls on top of sample tubes to which dedicated barcords have been applied abd setting them in the sample rack. This minimized screen oprations and increses efficiency in daily operation.


Ecology - Develpoed to ensure a low environmental impact


˙ Space-saving design by integrating the control console with the analyzer module

The console, which is seperated from the analyzer module in conventional models, is integrated with the analyzer module for future space saving. The cobination of an easy-to-oprate LCD monitor with a touch panel and a mouse for detailed setting improves user friendliness.


˙ Flex Rate function for reducing the retest ratio

For high-concentration samples that require retesting after dilution, the Flex Rate function calculates the concentration based on the absorbance date in the early stages of the read timing and reports the result. This minimizes the retest ratio abd consequently the reporting time and opration cost.



TOSHIBA  TBA™- 2000FR  Specification


 Max No. assays  100
 Throughput  1600 Test / hr ( photometry ),600 Test / hr ( ISE )
 Methods  End - Point, Rate, and ISE
 Sample containers  Sample tubes, sample cups
 Isothermal condition  Water Bath
 Photometry  Direct photometry of reaction cuvettes, monochromatic or bichromatic measurement
 Data processing function

 Multipoint calibration curve, clibartion expiration date, clibration curve log,automatic calibration,

reaction time course (33 points), reagnets/ detergent remaining volumes,

reagent bottle changover, skipping of insufficient reagnet, 

Smart wash, autodilution, autorerun, serum Index, automation startup/ shutdown, lamp intensity monitor......

 Onlin Interface  RS - 232 C 
 Dimensions  1896 (W) * 1150 (D) * 1437 (H) mm
 Mass  780 Kg
 Power supply  AC 200 V ± 10 %
 Power consumption  3 KVA maximum